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Urban Discovery and Engagement

Project #: 113240
Country: Sub-Saharan Africa
Dates: June 1, 2017 to August 4, 2017
Length: 64 Days
Team Members: 4 students needed (1 Male / 0 Females)
Minimum Education: High School Diploma
Cost: $2,231.00 + airfare
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Job Description:
Our city is one of the fastest growing in Africa and is as diverse as any urban center. It is clear that God has brought the Nations to our city but we must first discover who they are & where they live. You will be face to face with peoples from across our country, region, and the world as you wind your way through the myriad of dusty streets & neighborhoods conducting informal interviews with a mobile device. Each interview will give the opportunity to share your story & shine the light of Christ into the darkness. You'll work with a national believer, who will serve as translator, during the project & have the opportunity to build lasting bonds of friendship & grow one another's faith. Research you conduct will begin to paint a clearer picture of our city & will be a key component of a comprehensive urban strategy to see a network of churches radically transforming our city through the power of the gospel. Your first stop will be a joint orientation with other Nehemiah Teams.

Cultural Information:
Bamako is a mix of traditional and modern. Greetings and blessings are still an important part of daily life in this community minded society. While traditional dress can be seen throughout the city, young men prefer western style clothes like button-up shits with khakis and, while fashion for young women is becoming more modern, full-length skirts with tops are best. Head coverings are optional. Malians value looking good so sloppy won't cut it. Young men are clean shaven.

Geographic Information:
Bamako is located in the southern part of Mali in what is known as the Sahel. The city is settled among several rocky hills and is bisected by the Niger River. This project will take place during the rainy season when daily showers can be expected but not guaranteed. Highs will be in the mid-80s to mid-90s with lows in the 70s. Population is over 2.5 mil and the city is divided in to over 60 neighborhoods with few paved roads. The majority of the people are Muslim.

Available Housing:
Housing will likely be at a local guesthouse. Rooms may be shared and will include a bed, clothes storage, and access to a bathroom. Most guesthouses include a common area for sitting and dinning as well as a shared kitchen for preparing meals. Laundry facilities are on site. Guesthouses are located in walled compounds with guards posted at least during the night. Expect to share the guesthouse with others during your stay.

Health Considerations:
This project will involve a lot of walking over rough terrain. Participants should expect to walk several kilometers each day out doing interviews, although not necessarily at once. It will be hot and humid and possibly very muddy most days. Expect to get dirty. Malaria is prevalent, even in the city, so preventative meds are required.

People with severe nut allergies should give careful consideration to this project since peanuts are prevalent and very popular as snacks and are used in certain dishes. Green tea with lots of sugar is served daily, several times a day. People with

Equipment to Bring:
Besides personal belongings, an unlocked smartphone is preferred for research purposes. Hand-held GPS device with SD card would be helpful but not necessary. Specific packing list will be provided online.