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Nurse 2 Nurse

Project #: 113121
Country: Southeast Asia
Dates: June 1, 2017 to August 4, 2017
Length: 64 Days
Team Members: 6 students needed (Male or Female)
Minimum Education: College Junior
Cost: $2,203.00 + airfare
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Job Description:
As an American nursing student you will seek to engage & build relationships with national nursing students at a local medical university... especially but not limited to those in the Advanced Nursing Program... who are staying on campus this summer to improve their English skills. Perhaps you'll have opportunity to host an English club. All of this with the goal of sharing the Gospel with students, building life-long friendships, helping the students improve their English. (Nursing classes are 99% female.) Applicants must already be admitted into a nursing program. Your first stop will be a joint orientation with other Nehemiah Teams. Learning the skills needed to carry out your assignment as well as team building will fill these first few days. Your team will then fly to your final destination for the summer. Following your ministry time you will return to the US for a joint debrief... sharing all God has done.

Cultural Information:
Cultural issues will be introduced during orientation.

Geographic Information:
Urban city of 6 million yet quite safe. Nationals are normally friendly, generous & helpful.

Available Housing:
Small hotels, hostels, etc.

Health Considerations:
Team member should be in good physical condition. Field supervisor should be made aware of any pre-existing physical conditions before arriving on the field.

The following conditions would make accepting this assignment difficult: asthma, diabetes, several allergies, limited physical mobility

Equipment to Bring:
Specific packing list will be made available online. All teams will be issued a backpakc/duffle bag to be used for checked luggage.