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adopt an IWC project and do it yourself... with our free help 

  • "We can't find a place overseas that needs or wants a student group of our size."
  • "IWC projects look great, but we can do things cheaper on our own."
  • "We want to do our own mission project overseas but we're a little worried about doing this by ourselves."

 We receive numerous requests from missionaries who want student groups to serve with them. The IWC Network enables churches, associations, campus ministries and state conventions to adopt and fill these requests and still work through IWC. Network partners receive all the resources, training, coaching, and ministry support that IWC provides. IWC facilitates face-to-face contact with the host missionary. 

See the IWC Network in action
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partners needed. Interested?

IWC is currently seeking partners to adopt project requests for 2015. We are ready to start the conversation if your group is interested! Contact us by email or call 804-219-1057


see a list of adoptable projects 

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