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Creative Bible Access Project

Project #: 7137
Location: Central Asia
Dates: August 10, 2018 to December 21, 2018
Length: Mid Term - 136 Days
Team Members: 2 student(s) needed
Minimum Education: High School completed
Cost: $3,950.00
(Includes cost of airfare, housing, food, insurance, visa, local transportation. Does not include cost of passport and innoculations)
Job Description:
We work among a Muslim UPG that already has much of the Bible translated. However, due to the security climate in this region, we have no way to get it into their hands. Our team is exploring creative means to get the Bible to our people digitally. These efforts have included using online advertising, social media, chat groups, phone apps, and partnering with other people groups. We are looking for people to help in our office with these efforts (and also take one trip into the heartland of our people group). Experience in IT and media is not a requirement (though certainly a bonus).

Cultural Information:
The culture where you will be living is casual and shorts are fine. Please bring a couple pairs of light pants and button up shirts for a trip into a more conservative Islamic area.

Geographic Information:
Small to medium city

Health Considerations:
You will be working in an office setting, so you will need to sit (though some of us use standing desks) for long periods. The weather will be hot, but house and office are air conditioned. Will be taken on a case by case basis, but no major health restrictions for this location.