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Project #: 114084
Country: Central Asia
Dates: January 12, 2018 to May 25, 2018
Length: 136 Days
Team Members: 2 students needed (Male or Female)
Minimum Education: College Freshman
Cost: $3,950.00
(Includes cost of airfare, housing, food, insurance, visa, local transportation. Does not include cost of passport and innoculations)
Job Description:
The Hands On volunteers would join us here in our ministry at the Art Studio. This would include but is not limited to: helping with outreach and art openings, attending other area art openings and developing relationships with local artists, helping maintain regular gallery hours, taking a course from a local artist if possible, hosting their own workshop, work towards developing their own skills and using them in a culminating outreach event at the studio with and evangelistic message. Regular team meetings and accountability would be a part of your time here.

Cultural Information:
Public transportation is very good through out this region. Buses, and taxis are common forms of transportation. Even though public transportation is very good walking is almost always necessary. You will not be assigned a vehicle during your time here. Most consumer goods are available.

Geographic Information:
This country is located in Central Asia.

Available Housing:
Suitable apartments are available in the city that typically include a large living/dining room, modest sized kitchen, and 2-4 bedrooms as needed. Most apartments also have a western toilet as well as an eastern toilet. Hands On students will stay in furnished apartments, or possibly with a local or American family.

Health Considerations:
There is some air pollution from coal, auto exhaust, and cigarette smoke. Use of coal as a source of heat is giving way to natural gas as well. A lot of walking is involved in everyday living. Even though public transportation is very good and easy to find, a good amount of walking is still needed (uphill and downhill).

To be discussed on a case by case basis. You need to be able to walk 2 or more miles per day in an urban setting and on uneven sidewalks.

Equipment to Bring:
To be discussed with field upon acceptance of assignment.