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ESL Teacher with International Hope Center

Project #: 113603
Country: Belarus
Dates: August 29, 2017 to December 14, 2017
Length: 114 Days
Team Members: 2 students needed (0 Males / 2 Females)
Minimum Education: College Sophomore
Cost: $3,950.00
(Includes cost of airfare, housing, food, insurance, visa, local transportation. Does not include cost of passport and innoculations)
Job Description:
The primary objectives are to: 1) teach English three nights a week, twelve hours total time, 2) follow up on class attendance with the goal of building relationships with the students, and 3) be involved with other ongoing ministry, such as leading small groups for new fellowships & creating projects for outreach. The teaching environment is a large church/seminary building in traditional classrooms with desks & chalkboards. Ninety percent of the students are not believers & will hear Bible teaching in between the English classes, from a Belarusian pastor. There is a small team of teachers from the US & Canada who meet together periodically to plan English club events. Curriculum is provided. No diploma or certificate is required, but participation in a 16 hour ESL workshop is helpful.

Cultural Information:
American do not need to draw attention to themselves with loud voices & expression. Tattoos & ear rings (guys) are not as common here, even among teenagers. Trends are western, yet European western, as opposed to American - meaning...people dress for appearance rather than comfort. Modesty is not valued highly. Colors are generally darker, especially in winter.

Geographic Information:
Belarus is a land of rolling hills, the size of the state of Kansas, green in the summer & white in the winter. Population is 9.5 million with over 2 million in Minsk. On the street, people seem cold, like the weather, but once there is a reason to know them, they are warm & friendly. Three major factors that have influenced the mind frames of Belarusians are: Communism, World War II, & Chernobyl.

Available Housing:
A one or two room apartment is probable. It may be possible to rent rooms from a family who lives near us. Internet is not going to be "high speed." It is slower, so it requires patience. The kitchen will be small, but adequate. Normally there is a toilet "closet" & another room for shower and laundry. Most people do not flush toilet paper. We will arrange for a water filter, since tap water is not to drink.

Health Considerations:
During the winter there are many days without sunlight. Extra vitamin D is necessary. The climate is cold, sometimes as cold as -25C. Colds/Flu & seasonal depression are the most common illnesses during winter. Be prepared to do a lot of walking. Apartment elevators sometimes don't work, so the stairs are friends. Buses, subway & trams are the common means of travel, so that includes walking - even when it is cold. Most buildings in Belarus are not handicap accessible.

Equipment to Bring:
A good laptop computer is a must! (for skype and sending ESL reports).