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  • Spiritual

    Spiritual preparation is the most important aspect of your mission assignment. Are you ready for the journey?

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  • Financial

    Financial preparation is a challenge. Learn how to evaluate your personal finances and trust God at a new level.

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  • Cultural

    Cultural preparation is an essential part of any trip. Discover how to effectively prepare for your assignment.

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  • Travel

    Travel plans vary by project. Learn about airline tickets, passports, visas, insurance, preparation and safety.

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  • Parents

    Serving internationally is a big step for students, young adults and their family members. We are here to help when questions or issues arise. These resources may help.

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  • Debriefing

    Debriefing is a process not an event. Learn how to find your place in God's plan as you return from your assignment.

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  • FAQ

    Find answers to frequently asked questions about Hands On here.

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