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  • Known only as “Grandpa,” this 71-year-old man shows off his ability to walk to student volunteer, Eliza Ellis (name changed). The man, who was paralyzed for three years following an avalanche, credits his recovery to the power of God.
  • Hands On missionaries Elisabeth Belle* (left) and Sara Butler* lead a group of children in songs and prayer before their presentation on abstinence. Photo © 2012 IMB / Safiya Brooks
  • Hands On missionaries Rachel Hays* (left) and Brooklyn Evans* prepare for a presentation on abstinence until marriage. Photo © 2012 IMB / Safiya Brooks
  • HIV-infected student Qiniselani Ndwandwe has been told he should not visit a clinic or take antiretroviral medications. Here, a coloring sheet is used to help him learn the truth about his disease. Photo © 2012 IMB / Safiya Brooks
  • Ashley Benson plays with a baby when she visits her new friend's home. The two Hands On workers spent six months building relationships. Photo © 2012 IMB / Susie Rain
  • This journey began in January when Elijah Reed* landed in China, dedicated to sharing Christ through Hands On. He met people that he'd only read about in magazines, such as this Tibetan girl.
  • A gate guard smiles during a simple conversation with me. This guard works around the clock, seeing apartment residents leave and return. As I build relationships like this one, I begin to understand and love the Chinese culture more and more.
  • A hard-working man in China inspects what is left inside of his bicycle cart. It was disheartening when I realized that if you don't advance through higher education in China, you are barely noticed by those that do.
  • Boys play with fireworks during my first Chinese New Year. This celebration lasts for two weeks and is filled with family, food and fireworks. Some Chinese people believe that by shooting off fireworks, they are warding away evil spirits.
  • A young man in China rides a city bus that is stuck in traffic. I can't count how many hours I've spent on a bus these last six-months. On the bright side, I get opportunities to meet locals and share the Gospel.
  • A young boy plays a game of tag with his sister. It comforts me to see that children are the same everywhere.
  • Alexis Frei (name changed) shares with Chiijik, an ethnic Tibetan woman who once persecuted Christians, as her daughter Sonam looks on. (Photo by Kate Weatherly)
  • Volunteers Alexis Frei, second left, and Eliza Ellis, right (names changed), laugh with Lhakpa, left, Sijok, center, and Sonam, second right, as they make cookies to sell in local markets. (Photo by Kate Weatherly)
  • Volunteers Alexis Frei, left (name changed), and Eliza Ellis, center (name changed), laugh with Sonam as they make cookies to sell in local markets. (Photo by Kate Weatherly)
  • Sijok (left), a co-manager of Blessed Hope Nepal, and volunteer Eliza Ellis (name changed) examine a bracelet for quality workmanship. (Photo by Kate Weatherly)

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