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Fusion Impact


what is Fusion Impact?

Fusion Impact is an exciting summer mission opportunity for high school students to serve with IMB missionaries in evangelism and church planting projects globally. Ministry venues vary from urban centers to rural settings. Fusion Impact not only provides participants an awesome international ministry experience but equips and empowers young people to walk with Jesus for a lifetime.


Each Fusion Impact team is led by a Fusion Advocate who has extensive leadership training and international mission experience. Fusion Impact also includes a week of intensive training/orientation followed by a 5-6 week international deployment to pre-selected ministry sites around the world.



Coming soon: E-GUIDE  for complete information on the Fusion Impact program.



In order to attend Fusion Impact, candidates must meet the following standards and expectations:


  • Exhibit enthusiasm for spreading the Gospel
  • Have a sincere commitment to personal and spiritual growth
  • Exhibit a willingness to be part of a life-changing experience that includes hardship
  • Candidates must have completed either their freshman year of high school or be at least 15
  • Candidates must have a minimum 2.0 GPA in high school
  • Costs cover all travel, room, and board while in training and on the field
2014 Fusion Impact Projects
  • Nepal
  • Pacific Rim
  • Russia
  • Brazil

The cost for each 2014 project: $2,500 + airfare

important dates
Application Deadline—April 15th, 2014
Fusion Impact Orientation (Kansas City, MO)—June 15-23, 2014
International Deployment—June 23-July 23, 2014
Fusion Impact Debriefing (Kansas City, MO)—July 23-27, 2014




What is Fusion Impact?

Fusion Impact is a unique hands-on mission experience for high school students. Fusion Impact’s values and ethos are based on the core values and Maxims of the Fusion program. Fusion Impact teams serve with IMB missionaries around the world, completing high impact projects rooted in church planting and evangelism.

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How do I apply for Fusion Impact?

Visit the Fusion Apply page. Note: On your application make sure to list the name of the Fusion Impact Project you are applying for. Put that information on the "Project Preference/Project #" section of the application (example: Fusion Impact - Portugal). Do not list a project #; Fusion Impact projects do not have project #'s.

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How much does it cost?

The cost for Fusion Impact for 2013 is $2500 plus the cost of all airline tickets. This cost includes orientation, on-the-field costs and debriefing. Fusion Impact costs DO NOT include costs for a passport, immunizations, or travel insurance.

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How are Fusion Impact assignments determined?

When a candidate completes their IMB student application and references, the application is then reviewed by IMB Student staff for approval. Once a candidate’s application is approved, the candidate will be placed on a project based on their skills, interests, abilities and calling.

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Do students serve alone or with a team?

All Fusion Impact participants serve as part of at team, called a cohort. Fusion Impact does not send individuals overseas to serve by themselves.

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Is there an orientation for teams serving with Fusion Impact?

Yes. Fusion Impact’s orientation is held in Kansas City, Missouri at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary.

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Who provides supervision while on the field?

Supervision is twofold. The first level of supervision is provided by the Fusion Advocate who serves as the team leader while deployed. The second level of supervision is provided by the IMB field missionary. The advocate reports to the field missionary and ensures that the team is on task while deployed.

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How are travel arrangements made?

Fusion Impact participants are required to make international travel arrangements through the Fusion Impact office and National Travel Services (NTS), the IMB’s travel agent. To ensure team cohesiveness, individual travel arrangements are not allowed. This keeps the team traveling together and ensures that individual students do not travel alone. Once a person is accepted to Fusion Impact, an email is generated that walks them through the process for purchasing tickets and visas as well as other information for spiritual preparation.

NOTE: Domestic travel arrangements (to and from orientation/debriefing) will be made by individual students. In a few cases, parents may drive their student to orientation. This is at the discretion of the individual family and needs to be coordinated through the Fusion Impact office to ensure proper timing of tickets.

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Does IMB require travel insurance?

Yes. IMB requires all participants traveling abroad to have travel insurance. Insurance is relatively cheap ($2.75 a day) and provides coverage for both treatment and evacuation in the event of personal accident, illness, or other reasons for evacuation.

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Who can I contact with questions?


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