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Hope for the Slums

Project #: 5814
Location: South Asia
Dates: May 24, 2018 to July 26, 2018
Length: Short Term - 62 Days
Team Members: 6 student(s) needed
Minimum Education: College student
Cost: $2,800.00 + airfare
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Job Description:
Make the gospel for real, one slum village at a time! Be a strategic frontliner sharing the gospel. Meet basic physical, educational and spiritual needs. Strengthen local believers' evangelism methods. You can make a difference.

Cultural Information:
Local culture dictates a very conservative appearance. Girls will wear long pants, mid-thigh length shirts, and a scarf. Boys will wear long pants and a collared shirt, usually button up, and no hats. Genders do not often mix in public settings. Physical affection is not displayed between genders in public so expect to see same gender expressing friendship through holding hands. The cultures are very male dominant so expect to see this reflected in cultural practices.

Geographic Information:
Densely populated city

Health Considerations:
Should be able to navigate through crowded cities for long hours. Will require standing on your feet and walking much of the day. Severe allergies or history of severe medical conditions must be confirmed with field for approval.