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Community Impact

Project #: 114026
Country: China
Dates: December 17, 2017 to January 1, 2018
Length: 14 Days
Team Members: 20 students needed (Male or Female)
Minimum Education: College Freshman
Cost: $550.00 + airfare
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Job Description:
You have a unique and amazing opportunity to be a witness to Christ in a closed country whose people are hungry for the life giving Gospel. During your time with us, you will be focused on sharing the gospel and your testimony with new friends that you will make. This will be done in places where maybe some have heard the name of Christ, but rarely understand anything about our God. You will also be going to many places and talking to people who have no clue of the wonderful things Christ has done, let alone how to trust and follow Him. You get a chance to build that foundation of faith. You'll mainly be reaching out to college students, but will certainly have chances to reach the young and old as well. You'll be working alongside field workers and local church members who are passionate about the their community coming to know the Lord and are excited about having your help in doing that. Be prepared to see God at work!

Geographic Information:
This is traditionally a Buddhist area, but most are nominal Buddhist. Family, money, and success are very important here. Winters here are usually 40-60 degrees and rainy. Usually there is no heat inside.

Health Considerations:
More pollution than America. More people smoke here than in America. You will walk 5 - 10 miles per day.

Equipment to Bring:
Smartphones can be helpful for translation, communicating over instant messaging, or sharing the Gospel, but these are defiintely not neccessary. If you are good at media, a musician, or something else, let us know!