Slum of Hope

Project #: 113001
Country: South Asia
Dates: January 1, 2017 to December 10, 2017
Length: 10 Days
Team Members: 8 students needed (Male or Female)
Minimum Education: College Freshman
Cost: $650.00 + airfare

Job Description

This project has three components: a. Share the Gospel! All over the city are people who have never heard about Jesus. Prayer walk and seek out the people the Lord is preparing to hear the Good News you are bringing to them. After these people of peace put their faith in Christ, you will lead them through basic discipleship lessons, and when possible, connect them with a local church or pastor. b. Strengthen local ministry! You will be trained to teach believers how to share the Gospel. As you visit churches every week, you will create opportunities one on one and in groups to equip these believers to do the work of the Lord. We teach them how to share and do discipleship with them. c. Creatively look for new areas to engage with the Gospel! This part of the job includes prayer walking a new area, looking for community entry opportunities (which often happens through kids wanting to meet you!), and telling stories from the Bible to people. The work is hard. The reward is greater.

Cultural Information

Local culture dictates a very conservative appearance. Girls will wear long pants, mid-thigh length shirts, and a scarf. Boys will wear long pants and a collared shirt, usually button up, and no hats. Genders do not often mix in public settings. Physical affection is not displayed between genders in public so expect to see same gender expressing friendship through holding hands. The cultures are very male dominant so expect to see this reflected in cultural practices.

Geographic Information

South Asia consists of mega cities, rural villages, islands, mountains, beaches, flat desert like terrain, rolling hills and everything in between. The common factor is that you need to be ready for most anything geographically. It is a religiously diverse land hosting Hinds, Muslims, Buddhist, Jains, Sikhs, Christians and others. Be prepared to encounter lots of people, smells, sights, colors, and sounds. Temperature varies across the affinity from high heat to low cold.

Available Housing

An adequately furnished hotel room, guesthouse, or apartment meeting basic needs. The standards for South Asia do not reflect the west so remain fluid and know that basic needs will be met, but luxury will not.

Health Considerations

During certain times of the year, air pollution can be heavy in most larger cities. Diesel fumes and cow dung smoke (from cooking fires) are common pollutants. Allergies and respiratory illness can be a problem for some. General good health is highly recommended. Lots of walking, standing and stair climbing is required. Take all medications as normal. Consult with a doctor and CDC for vaccinations before arrival.

Severe asthma, averse reaction to crowds and activities requiring physical exertion.

Equipment to Bring

Any training and practice in chronological Bible storying will speed up your learning curve in South Asia. Download the app uDisciple and learn as much as possible about storying. In most cases, bring an unlocked GSM phone will be helpful.

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