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Deaf World Shake - Niger West Africa

Project #: 7201
Location: Niger, West Africa
Dates: June 11, 2018 to June 27, 2018
Length: Short Term - 15 Days
Team Members: 4 student(s) needed
Minimum Education: High School completed
Cost: Varies + airfare
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Job Description:
While in West Africa, you will share in life-on-life experiences among Deaf individuals. You will have the opportunity to experience the culture, language and lifestyles of Deaf adults and children on a daily basis. You will learn how to make Bible stories come to life through local Sign language and dramas. You will invest your life in local believers to encourage them to grow spiritually. You will share Truth among those who have never seen a Bible story signed in their heart language.

Cultural Information:
Niger, officially the Republic of Niger, is a landlocked country in Western Africa. Niger is bordered by Libya to the northeast, Chad to the east, Nigeria and Benin to the south, Burkina Faso and Mali to the west, and Algeria to the northwest. Niger covers a land area of almost 1,270,000 km2, making it the largest country in West Africa, with over 80 percent of its land area covered by the Sahara Desert. The country’s predominantly Islamic population of 17,138,707 is mostly clustered in the far south and west of the country. The capital city is Niamey, located in the far-southwest corner of Niger. Niger is a developing country, and is consistently one of the lowest-ranked in the United Nations’ Human Development Index. Much of the non-desert portions of the country are threatened by periodic drought. The economy is concentrated around subsistence and some export agriculture clustered in the more fertile south, and the export of raw materials, especially uranium ore. Niger faces serious challenges to development due to its landlocked position, desert terrain, high fertility rates and resulting overpopulation, poor education and poverty of its people, lack of infrastructure, poor health care, and environmental degradation. Niamey is the capital and largest city of Niger. Niamey lies on the Niger River, primarily situated on the east bank. It is an administrative, cultural and economic center. The city is located in a pearl millet growing region, while manufacturing industries include bricks, ceramic goods, cement and weaving.

Geographic Information:
Small to medium city

Health Considerations:
HARSH ENVIRONMENT: Must be in good shape to be a part of the team. It will be HOT and HUMID and most of the days will be spent outside. It is important to be in good health. Must have: Yellow Fever Vaccination Yellow Health Card (with proof of yellow fever vaccination) Other highly suggested vaccinations and/or medications: Meningitis, Malaria preventatives, and Hepatitis A & B. For more info, visit cdc.gov/travel