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NAME Gateway: Arabian Peninsula

Project #: 6671
Location: North Africa and Middle East
Dates: May 31, 2018 to July 23, 2018
Length: Short Term - 53 Days
Team Members: 6 student(s) needed
Minimum Education: College student
Cost: $2,400.00 + airfare
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Job Description:
Come meet and share God's story with the people who are called 'the friendliest of all Arabs.' Making friends and getting into deep spiritual conversations is easy. Will you come and share your life and Lord with these people who need Him?

Cultural Information:
Located in the Arabian Peninsula, this is an oil wealthy nation. Despite this, it has managed to hold tightly on to their cultural heritage and avoided the mega-structure, 'bigger is always better' mentality. The ruler is generally loved by his people and is seen as a father figure that takes care of them. The religion is Islam but has a unique sect that is neither Sunni or Shia, but avoids the conflict caused by the rift. Radicalism is not tolerated by the government. Men should be dressed in fairly conservative clothes when out in public daily. This can include jeans and a polo. T-shirts are okay but not preferable. When exercising shorts are allowed, but otherwise it is best to avoid. Women must wear a shirt that covers their shoulders and preferable the elbows. The shirt must also cover the backside enough to mask curves. No head covering is required at all. Tattoos are better covered if possible, especially with women.

Geographic Information:
Small to medium city

Health Considerations:
It is very a hot country in the summer with temperatures reaching the 100s. It is also humid so that makes it feel hotter and you will sweat. Most of the time you will find air conditioning (house, malls, restaurants, businesses, etc.). As it is surrounded by desert, there is also a dust haze to the air.