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2018 Summer Sojourner Guatemala

Project #: 6307
Location: Guatemala
Dates: May 28, 2018 to July 19, 2018
Length: Short Term - 53 Days
Team Members: 2 student(s) needed
Minimum Education: College student
Cost: $1,469.00 + airfare
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Job Description:
The student volunteer will team up with someone already recruited and work at a local school with teens who speak English.

Cultural Information:
Our region is southern Guatemala. June and July are rainy season here, usually there is only rain in the afternoon for an hour or 2. The temperature will be high 80s low 90s. We are in a city of 80,000 people. The main religion is Catholicism and a form of evangelical syncretism. We are not in a tourist town so there are very few Americans who live here, the only ones we have met work at the American School and leave on weekends. Most men wear jeans and a collared shirt in a school or church setting. At home or in sports activities shorts and t-shirts are appropriate.

Geographic Information:
Small to medium city

Health Considerations:
This job request requires physical activity and interaction with young people.