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Eco-Tourism Consuntant

Project #: 114314
Country: Southeast Asia
Dates: February 13, 2018 to August 7, 2018
Length: 176 Days
Team Members: 2 students needed (2 Males / 0 Females)
Minimum Education: College Sophomore
Cost: $3,950.00
(Includes cost of airfare, housing, food, insurance, visa, local transportation. Does not include cost of passport and innoculations)
Job Description:
Spend the semester on a trip like none other. You will be based on an island working with an adventure tour company, developing their tours by working with local guides, exploring remote areas, and searching for new scuba spots. At times you will join a team & backpack around small tropical islands, live in local homes & share the love of Christ with those you encounter. You'll hike village to village, and as you experience everyday life with these people and share meals with them, you will have opportunities to share about the Bread of Life. You will be some of the only white people on these remove "Ends of the Earth" islands. If living on a tropical island in a lad-back culture, shopping in the local market, eating fresh seafood (and lots of rice!) every day, and enjoying year-round summer, while sharing the Good News to a people group that has zero believers sounds appealing to you, then this is the job for you!

Cultural Information:
It is a Muslim culture, so no tanktops or sleeveless shirts for males. They also do no use their left hand when handing someone something as their left hand is considered "unclean"

Geographic Information:
There is a cluster of islands and the team will be walking around these islands. These are very tropical islands, so the weather is generally always sunny, except during rainy season. The average temperature is between 88 & 94. The islands are surrounded by coral reefs and much of the islands are made up of coral rock as well.

Available Housing:
Rent a room in a homestay/boarding house that most liekly will have a shared bathroom and/or kitchen with other college students

Health Considerations:
Home base will be on a small, remote island with limited medical facilities. Anyone that may require immedidate medical attention for a chronic condition should not apply for this job. Travel will include boat riding, long hikes with heavy backpack, tropical weather with average temperatures of 88-94 & extremely humid, sleeping on mats on floors and diet with lots of rice/fish/noodles.

Medical facilities are very limited and this will be a very physical assignment. Individuals should asses how "controlled" a given medical condition is (diabetes, asthma) when considering this assignment. If there are any medical conditions, they wil

Equipment to Bring:
specific packing list will be sent to assigned students