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Rio Invasion

Project #: 113994
Country: Brazil
Dates: June 4, 2017 to June 10, 2017
Length: 7 Days
Team Members: 12 students needed (Male or Female)
Minimum Education: High School Freshman
Cost: $805.00 + airfare
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Job Description:
This favela has the highest high school dropout rate of all the major favelas (slums) in Rio. This team of 12 will be divided into 2 groups of 6. Each group will sleep in a different Baptist church within the favela. These churches are only 2 miles apart from each other. Their goal will be to evangelize high school students in the favela community. They will also share their faith (personal testimonies and spiritual conversations) in local high schools. We will provide 1 translator for every two students. These translators will work alongside the team members. A block party will conclude the week with teens having one more chance to allow locals to respond to the gospel. Local believers will assist students the entire week and fill out personal information cards to be used to follow up with new believers and seekers to integrate them into one of the local churches.

Cultural Information:
Clothes need to be conservative and comfortable for hot weather.

Geographic Information:
You will be in a large busy city that lives fast and hard. It will warm up and be hot most of your stay. You will experience a mass of humanity and spiritual warfare.

Available Housing:
The student team will stay in a local church building.

Health Considerations:
Must be able to walk long distances and work long hours. Must be in good health.