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Enter the Knight's Desert

Project #: 113024
Country: South Asia
Dates: January 1, 2017 to December 22, 2017
Length: 12 Days
Team Members: 6 students needed (6 Males / 0 Females)
Minimum Education: College Freshman
Cost: $564.00 + airfare
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Job Description:
Become a South Asian Knight in an Arab country by sharing with South Asians at night! You will be joining a team whose heart is to see South Asians, who live away from their families and country, come to know the Father. Live life amongst the numerous South Asian laborers who desperately need to hear the Good news. Disciple a group of men who work all day and only get together at night. You will also connect with university students that roam the city at night. They need to hear your story and His story, to know everything that the Father has done to reveal Himself to mankind! You have to be up for the challenge and ready to take the heat!

Cultural Information:
South Asian culture revolves on gender roles and dress is reflective of this. Life here is very relational and family centric. Be prepared for invitations into people's lives, including their home. Expect to share a meal with someone, but expect to work amongst your gender. Religion is also central to most South Asians. It is an easy topic so prepare yourself to make this part of every conversation.

Geographic Information:
South Asia contains various geographic contexts. From sea coast to the Himalaya Mountains, be prepared for a third world country where development is not the primary goal. Most settings will be high levels of pollution. The mega cities and rural areas alike face this issue. But as a diaspora, it is situated in the Middle East and the climate is hot to really hot!

Available Housing:
Most likely an adequately furnished apartment or guest house will serve as your home. Based on your presence here as a tourist, you will most likely have to move housing situations multiple times as not to raise attention. You may be living in a labor camp for two weeks, then a semi-furnished apartment for another two weeks, and then a hotel for another two weeks. Expect conditions to vary from rough to decent.

Health Considerations:
Severe, untreatable asthma is very much a concern here.

Inability to navigate through crowded cities for long hours. Standing and walking much of the day. Severe allergies or history of severe medical conditions must be confirmed with field for approval. It is the desert here and expect heat.

Equipment to Bring:
Be prepared to "dress up" in comparison to your home culture. Guys will be expected to wear long pants and button down shirts. Only males should apply for this project due to the peoples you