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IWC Spain Seville Main Image

IWC Spain Seville

International World Changers

**This project is in partnership with OK Baptist churches only.** Teach English to children. Hang out with youth. Reach out to university students who are seeking. Clean parks and serve the community to help build relationships. Demonstrate the love of Christ in a real and tangible way to the those who call Sevilla home.
Project ID:109895
Date:6/19/2015 - 6/27/2015
Length:9 Days

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Homeschool helper and Volunteer Coordinating Main Image

Homeschool helper and Volunteer Coordinating

Hands On

Would you like to both participate in the field work of reaching out to the lost AND come alongside field workers to help with their children's schooling? We need you to come and help field worker moms with homeschooling by teaching or helping with younger children so that the moms can teach. Also, you will have opportunities to go out with visiting short-term teams from the USA and hand out evangelistic literature as well as work at a local refugee center once a week.
Project ID:109671
Date:1/10/2015 - 5/23/2015
Length:133 Days

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Face 2 Face - Backpacking Evangelism Main Image

Face 2 Face - Backpacking Evangelism


You will be mentored as you hike to the over 1000 surrounding villages around our home city to proclaim the name of Jesus to many who have never heard the Gospel! You will be enlisted to pray for these areas and the people as you will be a part of penetrating areas of great darkness with the light of the Gospel of the Glory of Christ! You will have countless opportunities to share the Gospel message with those in the city, at a new college campus, and the surrounding villages.
Project ID:110127
Date:6/1/2015 - 7/24/2015
Length:52 Days

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Student Outreach Main Image

Student Outreach

Hands On

In a cold and dark city, students come from all over the region and endure sub-zero winter temperatures just to study here. By enrolling at the university and becoming a student, you'll have the best opportunity to impact them as their peer. Make friends and share the Gospel to assist growing a new house church in this very unreached city of 775,000. A team and a small number of local believers will walk alongside you partnering together to reach those who have never heard!
Project ID:109662
Date:1/10/2015 - 5/23/2015
Length:133 Days

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Spring Break Rio University Workers Main Image

Spring Break Rio University Workers

IMB Students

A spring break team of 6-12 university students are needed to begin university work in Rio de Janeiro. Students will use surveys on university campuses to map student's worldviews and to start gospel conversations. They will also disciple Brazilian Christians with a goal of enabling Brazilian churches to start university ministries across Rio. Additionally, they will work with reaching the upper class of Rio who are 99% unreached.
Project ID:110139
Date:3/14/2015 - 3/22/2015
Length:8 Days

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IWC Mexico San Rafael Main Image

IWC Mexico San Rafael

International World Changers

Join us as we seek to reach the state of Veracruz. You will seek to engage local villages with the Gospel through prayer walking, talking with locals, and sports teams. Our prayer is a church plant will begin through these connections. You will also help with repairing a local Baptist camp to help strengthen relations with local believers whom God is using in Veracruz.
Project ID:109830
Date:6/12/2015 - 6/22/2015
Length:10 Days

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IWC Kenya Nairobi Main Image

IWC Kenya Nairobi

International World Changers

Come join us as we seek to reach the Digo people. You will prayer-walk, share Christ with children through Bible clubs, and be involved with door-to-door outreach in villages. Partner with local believers and Nairobi University students to help jump-start Bible study groups that will prayerfully lead to future church plants.
Project ID:109998
Date:6/19/2015 - 6/28/2015
Length:9 Days

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IWC China 3 Main Image

IWC China 3

International World Changers

Come, join us in China hosting an English language immersion camp for Chinese high school students. These camps will take place on the high school facilities and a hand-picked number of Chinese students will be invited to join the camps. You will live alongside the Chinese students and work together as you lead a camp that engages the students in intensive English language practice and learning through games, cultural interactions, songs, skits, and classroom time.
Project ID:110005
Date:7/18/2015 - 7/31/2015
Length:13 Days

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Communication Team Main Image

Communication Team

Hands On

Use your interests & talents in your chosen communication discipline to reach people in Asia for Christ. Do you have training/experience in graphic design, web programming & design, writing, or photo-journalism? You will work in an office setting on a collaborative team of media professionals.
Project ID:109903
Date:1/1/2015 - 12/31/2016
Length:120 Days

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