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STUDENT MISSIONS - where is God leading you? 

Below you can search for hundreds of opportunities around the world for students and young adults to go. Find a place where you can serve. USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS, follow the simple instructions and apply today.

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  • Teaching as Mission Internship

    Study Abroad

    Are you a teacher? Do you want to impact the lives of your students for eternity? Come and use your teaching skills. Work as an English teacher and use your interactions with your students as an avenue for sharing the Gospel.
    Project ID:111454
    Country:East Asia
    Date:8/1/2015 - 12/21/2020
    Length:300 Days

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  • Rural Asia English Teacher

    Study Abroad

    Come live in a small Chinese city where you will work as an English teacher. Engage with college students and young professionals in the city through evangelism and discipleship.
    Project ID:111559
    Date:12/31/2015 - 7/14/2017
    Length:365 Days

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  • Study Abroad Student Church Planter

    Study Abroad

    Student Volunteers will work alongside field personnel and other church planting partners in Vienna to help plant groups and churches among university students. These volunteers will be study abroad students at one of the universities in Vienna.
    Project ID:111709
    Date:12/1/2015 - 6/1/2017
    Length:160 Days

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  • Study Abroad Student Church Planter

    Study Abroad

    The goal is to carve an in-road to the Hamburg University, and begin reaching the 140,000 college students in Hamburg. We will partner with the Hamburg Project, a relatively new church plant in Hamburg for the purpose of planting churches on campus
    Project ID:111711
    Date:12/1/2015 - 6/1/2017
    Length:150 Days

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  • Study Abroad Student Church Planter

    Study Abroad

    These College students (or student) will help our Church Planting Efforts in 3 city districts, as well as, on their college campus in Prague. They will reach campuses through their relationship while studying in Prague
    Project ID:111730
    Country:Czech Republic
    Date:12/1/2015 - 6/1/2017
    Length:160 Days

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  • One Cup of Coffee


    COME SERVE ANY 14 DAYS. "Great coffee. Changed Lives." Help us reach local unreached people groups with the Gospel and a sustainable community development plan that will provide both training and support to meet specialty grade coffee standards from crop to cup. Baristas and Roasters Needed.
    Project ID:112102
    Date:12/1/2015 - 12/31/2019
    Length:14 Days

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  • Urban-Focused Gospel Sharing Teammate


    SERVE ANY 10 DAYS! Six million people in this SE Asian city waiting for someone to share with them the Good News! This urban city team is seeking people who feel called to see the Gospel spread among an unreached population.
    Project ID:112279
    Country:Southeast Asia
    Date:10/15/2016 - 4/12/2017
    Length:10 Days

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  • Using English to reach students

    Hands On

    Is God leading you to use your heart language to reach people who speak a different language? Come teach English in a rural town to students, both young and old, using the Bible as a tool to teach English as well as share Jesus with them.
    Project ID:112423
    Date:1/10/2017 - 5/26/2017
    Length:137 Days

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  • National Mobilizer


    Every mission movement in modern history has begun with college students. Be involved in a nationwide movement of reaching the lost & raising up the next generation of missionaries, both American & Filipino.
    Project ID:112491
    Date:8/9/2016 - 12/13/2016
    Length:126 Days

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