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Sowing seeds of the gospel in Peru

By Kate Gregory

CHOSICA, Peru—When leaders of the Quirio community in Peru introduced IMB missionary John Pham to teams of community soccer players and their families, one player asked, “What’s a missionary?”

Answering that simple question led to more than an hour of deep conversation between members of Two Rivers Bible Church in Gonzales, Texas, and the Peruvian players paired with them for a soccer tournament hosted by International World Changers July 15. The community team asked to be a last-minute addition to the roster. They filled a slot left open when one team scheduled for the event wasn’t able to participate.

The Peruvians’ questions included:

“Why are religions divided on what they believe?”

“How do you get into a relationship with God?”

“Why is there no balance in the world between rich and poor?”

And, “How does a person decide if he’s good or bad, deserving of heaven or hell?”

A fellow Peruvian attempted to answer that question for his friend: “God decides at the end of your life whether you go to heaven or not. It’s His decision. There’s nothing we can do.”

In response, Two Rivers member Stephanie Spain told him, “That’s a lot to worry about. We don’t want you to have to worry like that.”

Quoting John 10:28, Two Rivers member Jennifer Lamprecht told them, “Salvation in Christ is a promise that not only you make to Him but He makes to you. And, God never breaks His promises.”

One young man indicated he wanted to receive Christ as Savior. “It’s very important as a new believer to get connected with a congregation, like El Fundamento,” Two Rivers member Andrew Raymund told him. Eighteen members of nearby Iglesia Bautista Cristo El Fundamento recently completed training in church planting to form home Bible studies in the area.

Another young man stayed engaged in conversation with Jennifer and Stephanie, as well as fellow Two Rivers member Pamela St. John. He was the one with the most questions and deepest doubts about God.

“When I die, I just die. There’s nothing after that,” he said. “I might have things or I might not have things, but I just need to live a good life. … I’m looking for the truth, but I just don’t know whether there is absolute truth and whether that absolute truth is God.”

What he needed in his search for truth was a Bible, Jennifer said. Minutes later, his team won the soccer tournament and each of them received a trophy — and a Bible.