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STUDENT MISSIONS - where is God leading you? 

Below you can search for hundreds of opportunities around the world for students and young adults to go. Find a place where you can serve. USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS, follow the simple instructions and apply today.

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  • Study Abroad Student Church Planter

    Study Abroad

    Student Volunteers will work alongside field personnel and other church planting partners in Vienna to help plant groups and churches among university students. These volunteers will be study abroad students at one of the universities in Vienna.
    Project ID:111709
    Date:12/1/2015 - 6/1/2017
    Length:160 Days

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  • ESL Teacher with International Hope Center

    Hands On

    The primary objectives are to: 1) teach English three nights a week, 2) follow up on class attendance with the goal of building relationships with the students, and 3) be involved with ongoing ministry, creating projects for outreach.
    Project ID:113284
    Date:1/29/2017 - 5/24/2017
    Length:114 Days

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  • Bush Boys and Girls

    Nehemiah Teams

    Work with students in Botswana to evangelize youth, strengthen local churches, conduct sports evangelism, and to share the gospel in Botswana. We want to use your gifts and your talents to share the gospel here in Botswana. Your first stop will be a joint orientation with other Nehemiah Teams. Learning the skills needed to carry out your assignment as well as team building will fill these first few days. Your team will fly to your final destination for the summer. Following your ministry time you will return to the US for a joint debrief...sharing all God has done over the summer.
    Project ID:113065
    Date:6/1/2017 - 8/4/2017
    Length:64 Days

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  • Work side-by-side with Botswana students in Sebina

    International World Changers

    Use your gifts and your talents to share the gospel in Botswana. Work with students in Botswana to evangelize youth, strengthen local churches, conduct sports evangelism, and to share the gospel.
    Project ID:113090
    Date:6/15/2017 - 6/24/2017
    Length:10 Days

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  • University Explorers

    Hands On

    Use surveys to map the worldviews of students and partner with Brazilian churches to reach those who do not know Christ.
    Project ID:112926
    Date:1/24/2017 - 5/27/2017
    Length:121 Days

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  • Urban Jungle Evangelism Brazil


    85% of all Brazilians live in the urban jungle! Come partner with Brazilians to strengthen and expand urban ministry initiatives among ethnically diverse people of all socioeconomic classes in capital city, Curitiba and neighboring Campo Largo.
    Project ID:112940
    Date:1/15/2017 - 5/13/2017
    Length:120 Days

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  • Bulgarian Community Outreach

    International World Changers

    You will spend one week involved in activities such as, leading American sports camps, leading conversational English clubs, and various community projects. Through these events you will build relationships and share the gospel.
    Project ID:113277
    Date:7/8/2017 - 7/16/2017
    Length:7 Days

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  • Houseboat English Teacher

    Nehemiah Teams

    Live for 2 months on a houseboat in a remote village in the middle of a lake in a southeast Asian country. Teach English, sports & Bible on this floating basketball court. Students are needed who will stick it out when the adventure wears off.
    Project ID:113168
    Date:6/1/2017 - 8/4/2017
    Length:64 Days

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  • University and Community Outreach

    International World Changers

    Partnering with Celebration! Church and campus organizations, our focus will be the University of Ottawa campus. You will develop relationships with Canadian and international students through spiritual conversations.
    Project ID:113193
    Date:6/3/2017 - 6/10/2017
    Length:10 Days

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