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STUDENT MISSIONS - where is God leading you? 

Below you can search for hundreds of opportunities around the world for students and young adults to go. Find a place where you can serve. USE THE SEARCH OPTIONS, follow the simple instructions and apply today.

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  • Live Fast or Die Chai-ing

    Hands On

    Be the first gospel presence in the lives of women scattered throughout this megacity and unreached state. With a population of over 38 U.S. states combined shoved into an area twice the size of Georgia – this is a place bursting at the seams with lost women.
    Project ID:113039
    Country:South Asia
    Date:1/16/2017 - 12/15/2017
    Length:335 Days

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  • Semester Cultural Exchange Volunteer

    Hands On

    Cultural Exchange with a divine purpose. Come learn about Islam and Arab culture in our Middle Eastern mega city. Study Arabic. Serve people. Experience amazing things. Engage with students, and be ready to share a reason for the hope within you!
    Project ID:112746
    Country:North Africa and Middle East
    Date:1/17/2017 - 6/24/2017
    Length:158 Days

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  • Eternal Impact (For Individual Students Only)

    Christmas in China

    You are coming to make an eternal impact as you reach out to many who have never had a chance to hear the gospel. Your team will connect with local students through things such as shared meals and hosting Christmas parties as you seek to share.
    Project ID:112660
    Date:12/18/2016 - 1/1/2017
    Length:14 Days

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  • Media Center IT Specialist

    Hands On

    IT/tech skills? Assist Kenya Baptist Theological College to develop its distance learning program; work the Media Centre; work the Library. Steward your tech skills to help KBTC train pastors and church leaders to reach the 42 people groups of Kenya.
    Project ID:112517
    Date:1/10/2017 - 5/26/2017
    Length:137 Days

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  • Mountain Harvesters

    Nehemiah Teams

    Travel by jeepney and motorcycle into remote villages to share your life and His story. They are ready. Are you??
    Project ID:113083
    Date:6/1/2017 - 8/4/2017
    Length:64 Days

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  • Student Athletes

    Hands On

    Work with college athletes and sports students. Participate in sports activities; teach English; discuss life topics; English corners, bible studies, for the purpose of EV. Must be in good health. Love of sports is a must!
    Project ID:112980
    Date:1/8/2017 - 7/1/2017
    Length:180 Days

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  • Eastern China Collegiate Ministry

    Hands On

    Live intentionally in the international student dorm on our campus of 20,000 students. Spend your morning in class and your afternoons and evenings sharing the Gospel and making disciples!
    Project ID:113015
    Date:1/8/2017 - 7/1/2017
    Length:180 Days

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  • University City Ministry

    Hands On

    Jump in and join the exciting work happening now in University City where more than 1 million college students from all over China are studying and living. Join in with workers here as they start groups at many campuses and train local students.
    Project ID:112984
    Date:1/8/2017 - 7/1/2017
    Length:180 Days

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  • MnM Fight Club!

    Hands On

    Come join the adventure! Take a martial arts class, pursue relationships with Muslim guys and be a part of planting sound, biblical, contextualized churches among the ~5 million followers of Islam in this globally important city.
    Project ID:112699
    Country:Central Asia
    Date:1/20/2017 - 6/2/2017
    Length:133 Days

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